Areyougame.Com Cuddly Cockroaches, One Size, Multiple Colors

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Price: $21.99

Your apartment is infested with cockroaches! Some roaches are cuddly, others are creepy, and they all want to be your roommates. New roaches enter the game each turn, and you can kill them, keep them, or use them to infest your neighbors. Just make sure you stay under ten roach points, or your apartment gets fumigated and you lose the game. Use supply cards to help you kill roaches, mess with your neighbors, and tip the odds in your favor. Make sure to keep a full hand, as you roll the dice to get rid of your roaches and infest your neighbors. Will you take a risk or play it safe? During each turn, players will first pick up a roach card, activate any yellow roach cards, and then take two actions. Actions can include attempting to infest a neighbor, using a supply card, or shuffling your hand of supply cards to draw three new supply cards. Yellow roaches have abilities that trigger right after a player picks up their first roach card and before they take their first action. Green roaches have passive abilities that affect the action phase of your turn. Infesting is the central mechanic in cuddly cockroaches, challenging players to gauge their odds as they roll the dice to get rid of their roaches. During a player’s turn they can pick a neighbor, pick one or more roach cards they want to infest with, roll the dice, and draw a supply card. If the number rolled is higher than the cumulative value of the roaches infesting, that player sends their roaches to the chosen neighbor. The last apartment standing wins! This cuddly game includes 50 roach cards, 40 supply cards, 5 reminder cards, and 3 dice. It’s ideal for 2-5 players ages 10 and up. Recommended for 2 to 5 players, ages 10 and up. Made in China. Package dimensions: 6. 500 x 4. 500 x 2. 000 inches. Includes 50 roach cards, 40 supply cards, 5 reminder cards, 3 dice. Recommended Ages: 10 Years And UpMeasurements: 6.5 Length/InchesBase Material: 100% CardboardCare: Wipe CleanCountry of Origin: Imported